Current Board Members
  • Mike Abbott – Ogallala, NE – Rancher

  • Ben Bailey – Lakeside, NE – Rancher

  • Melody Benjamin, Secretary/Treasurer – Lakeside, NE – Rancher

  • Homer Buell – Bassett, NE – Rancher/Nebraska Cattlemen

  • Lemoyne Dailey – Thedford, NE – Rancher

  • Steve Fairbairn – Grand Island, NE – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

  • Greg Gehl – Ericson, NE – Rancher

  • Eric Hansen, Vice President – North Platte, NE – Rancher/Natural Resource District

  • Ted LaGrange – Lincoln, NE – Nebraska Game & Parks Commission

  • Nancy Peterson – Gordon, NE – Rancher

  • John Ravenscroft, President – Nenzel, NE – Rancher/Past County Commissioner

  • Mary Reese – North Platte, NE – Natural Resources Conservation Service

  • Rich Walters – Kearny, NE – The Nature Conservancy 


Board Members in 2019

Back Row (L to R): Ashley Garrelts (Project Coordinator), Steve Waller (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Nancy Peterson (Rancher), Barb Cooksley (Rancher), Melody Benjamin (Rancher), Ted LaGrange (Nebraska Game and Parks Commission), Dave Sands (Nebraska Land Trust), John Denton (Ducks Unlimited), Greg Gehl (Rancher), Shelly Kelly (Executive Director).

Front Row (L to R): Homer Buell (Rancher), Kenny Dinan (US Fish and Wildlife Service), John Ravenscroft (Rancher), AB Cox (Rancher), Eric Hansen (Rancher), Doug Christensen (Nebraska Natural Resources Conservation Service), Tim McAbee (Rancher). 

Current Staff
Shelly Kelly

Executive Director

Ashley Garrelts

Project Coordinator

Cody Trump

Stewards Coordinator

KyLee Kime.jpg
KyLee Kime

Administrative Assistant


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