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Sandhills Ranch Internship Program

The Sandhills Task Force has teamed up with skilled ranchers in the Nebraska Sandhills to offer an annual summer internship program. 

Interns will receive hands-on ranching and ranch management training. The work experience gained is invaluable, as is the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge of real work experiences and witness firsthand the day-to-day job duties you can expect on a ranch. In addition, transferrable skills such as communication and teamwork are obtained.

Our mentors are dedicated stewards of the land, value their livestock, and are committed, caring teachers. They work hard to help interns develop the skills and knowledge necessary, while guiding them on their pathway into agriculture.

The Sandhills Ranch Internship Program is open to all individuals, students, non-students, and Veterans, ages 19 years or older. 


The Sandhills Task Force will serve as a facilitator to assist in matching interns with ranchers. The Sandhills Task Force will support the internship relationship in several ways, but ultimately, the internship is a relationship between the intern and the host ranch. Partial funding to support this program come from a Nebraska Environmental Trust and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Click here to learn more about the Nebraska Environmental Trust and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Application & Questions

The Sandhills Ranch Internship Program is now accepting applications for the 2024 summer season!  Application deadline is January 15th, 2024. 

Questions can be directed by email to KyLee Kime or by calling/texting 308-340-2781.

What to Expect


Each Sandhills Ranch internship is a three-month, summer-long internship with a select Ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills. Some operations will have multiple people offering mentorship.



Interns will attend an in-person group orientation in May before beginning the Internship. Each intern will receive a job description for their host ranch.



Interns will review skills with their mentor two times during the Internship. One on the first day and one on the last day of the Internship.


Education and Ranch Visits

Interns will have the opportunity to attend select workshops and participate in various ranch tours.



The internship is designed to be a hands-on, working, and learning experience, offering high-quality training and experience. The greatest benefit to an Intern is the opportunity to be completely involved in the daily labor and operation of their host operation. Other compensation includes:

  •  Stipend: Interns receive monthly pay as employees of their host ranch. The amount will be an estimated $2,100/month and will be listed in the contract.

  • Housing: Mentors provide Intern housing on or near the ranch. Housing will include utilities, as well as cooking and bathing facilities. Interns are expected to provide their own telephone and telephone service. Interns are expected to keep living spaces clean at all times.

  •  Food: While Interns can expect to have some food provided by their host ranch, they must clarify details related to food with their host ranch upon accepting the internship position. Some mentors will provide shared meals or possibly additional food stipends. Interns may be expected to participate in food preparation and clean-up for shared meals.

  • Days OffInterns will be given a minimum of one day off per week.



Gordon, NE


Hyannis, NE


Dunning, NE


Alliance, NE


Ericson, NE


Valentine, NE


Gordon, NE


Ewing, NE


Valentine, NE


Arthur, Ne

Prospective Mentors

The Sandhills Task Force is actively seeking qualified ranches located within the Sandhills of Nebraska as Mentors in the Sandhills Ranch Internship Program. Help train and guide the next generation of agriculture producers and land stewards. 


As fewer Americans grow up on ranch operations, experiential training programs such a internships, build skills for aspiring, beginning, or first-generation ranchers and create pathways to careers in agriculture. 


Mentor Qualifications
• Be located within the Sandhills of Nebraska.
• Have five years in operation and previous experience supervising ranch staff or trainees.
• Maintain ranching practices prioritizing healthy sandhills ecosystems and providing a high quality of life for people and animals.

• Want to teach and provide a well-rounded internship experience.
• Have the time and capacity to instruct and give meaningful feedback.
• Ability to provide adequate, safe intern housing, and partial board.


Mentors are required to attend a mentor training meeting and will help coordinate annual site visits during the internship.


 If you have any questions, please email KyLee Kime. Call or text 308-340-2781.

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