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Drought Management Resources

In April 2022, the Sandhill Task Force hosted two drought management workshops featuring speakers Mitch Stephenson- UNL Associate Professor of Range and Forage Sciences, and Ashley Garrelts- Sandhills Task Force Project Coordinator. Stephenson spoke on Rangeland management before, during, and after drought for resilient landscapes. He also presented a series of online tools that can be used to predict and prepare for drought conditions. Garrelts spoke on management options during a drought and developing a drought plan.

The workshops were held in Bassett and Hyannis, and an online webinar was offered simultaneously. Attendance was high, and all participants left with thoughts and ideas on how to respond to the 2022 drought and plan for future droughts.

Click the links for the informational slides from the workshops.

Click the links for recordings of each presentation.


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