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Homer Buell

Rancher/Nebraska Cattlemen

Bassett, NE

Homer is the fourth-generation co-owner of the Shovel Dot Ranch near Rose, Nebraska, and the recipient of the 2012 Nebraska Leopold Conservation Award. Buell has advocated for agriculture and the cattle industry through his service in leadership roles in trade organization. He is a former President of the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Association and the Nebraska Hereford Association, as well as holding many positions within the National Cattlemen Beef Association in his 14 years of board service. In addition, he has been President of the State 4-H Foundation, Campaign for Nebraska, Committee Chair, Sustainable Animal Production Systems, and currently serves on the board of the Sand County Foundation and President of Agricultural Builders of Nebraska. A graduate of the University of Nebraska, he is a strong supporter of youth activities and has worked with the University of Nebraska for the benefit of students and research programs, as well as serving on the University of Nebraska President’s Advisory Council.

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