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Outreach & Education

Education and outreach have always been an essential component in achieving the mission of the Sandhills Task Force.  Our education and outreach activities help foster an understanding and appreciation of the ecology of the Sandhills and the ranching culture. Through education and outreach, residents and nonresidents will be more aware of the Sandhills’ importance to Nebraska.

Education and outreach in the Sandhills takes many forms including hosting and attending educational events & landowner meetings, providing one-on-one technical assistance to private landowners, and participating in and supporting ongoing research efforts. 


Ranch Internships

The Sandhills Task Force has partnered with select Ranches in the Nebraska Sandhills to offer an exciting Internship opportunity to a few outstanding individuals.

Sandhills Stewards

Sandhills Stewards is a program designed to help bring our Sandhills producers the tools they need most to succeed. Ultimately it is a network of producers throughout the Sandhills that share common values that use those values to help shape the culture of our area. We believe that strong communities and local connections are the most effective way to implement the changes we want to see around us.

Youth Range Camp

The Sandhills Task Force is a supporter of the Nebraska Youth Range Camp. This state-wide camp consists of a dynamic curriculum that appeals to students with a wide array of interests, including, but not limited to, rangeland management, conservation, ecology, animal science, and wildlife. With nearly 50 years to perfect and evolve this curriculum, every student, no matter what prior experience they have, will learn substantial information that will help them become more aware of Nebraska’s most prevalent land use. Rangelands cover nearly 50% of Nebraska and approximately 60% of the United States. These numbers convey the dominance of this land use, but recently there have been several political issues regarding the management of these rangelands, which further emphasizes the reason it is imperative for us to educate the youth so we may enable them to become proficient and effective leaders in resource management as well as educated voters.

The students attending this camp will be actively involved with lectures, field activities, hands-on experience, and recreational leadership and team-building activities led by up to 20 of Nebraska’s most respected and dedicated leaders, teachers, and professionals from various agencies, colleges, and universities. Each student will be sent home with a binder that is filled with educational materials. Must be 14-18 years old.

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