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Arthur, Ne

About The Ranch


Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. is a working cattle ranch, raising commercial Black Angus cattle and foundation-bred Quarter Horses. Founded in 1884, the ranch has been owned and operated by the Haythorn family for five generations. With a rich history and commitment to staying true to their cowboy roots, the Haythorns are known worldwide for ranching and their horse breeding program.

In 1992, they received the inaugural AQHA Best Remuda Award and are one of the nation's most respected Quarter Horse breeding operations. The Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. horses are bred for durability and athleticism. They have gone on to excel in and out of the arena. Located 17 miles north of Ogallala, and 5 miles from Lake McConaughy, the ranch is surrounded by rolling sandhills, meadows, and plentiful wildlife.

The Haythorns believe in diversifying and evolving to remain sustainable and ensure that future generations can carry on their legacy. Haying is now contracted out and calving has transitioned to begin April 1st, to align more with nature. The family's deep-rooted knowledge and experience in ranching have allowed them to preserve and remain steadfast in their traditions. With goals of success for future generations, the Haythorns remain dedicated to land stewardship, providing a high quality of life to animals, and building good relationships with people.

The Mentors

Sage is a 5th generation rancher and horseman, born and raised on Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. After high school, Sage attended college at West Texas A&M and afterward returned to the ranch.

Kelley is from Colorado but the Nebraska sandhills were always home to her. She would spend summers and all of her free time at her grandparent's place near Mullen. Kelley has had a lifelong love of horses; she grew up riding, competing in rodeos, and attended West Texas A&M studying Animal Science. Sage and Kelley met in high school and they were married in 2010 after college. Together they have two children, a son Steel who is 8 years old, and a daughter Stoli who is almost 2 years old. 

Sage and Kelley are very traditional; they believe in working hard and staying true to their word. Family is first and foremost to the Haythorns. Anyone working at Haythorn Land and Cattle Co. should be comfortable with kids. Friendships are also very important to Sage and Kelley, and they will do anything they can to help them out.

The Intern


An intern will work closely with Sage and Kelley in all aspects of the ranching tasks including but not limited to: daily cattle care and monitoring, brandings, moving cattle, infrastructure maintenance & repairs, checking windmills, and moving hay.

Horses are utilized in all aspects of daily ranch duties; horse experience is preferred. An intern may assist in branding, halter breaking, riding horses, and all aspects of daily horse care. An intern may assist with record keeping and in building a horse catalog if desired.

Additional responsibilities as needed and as per request.

Desired Skills

  • Valid Driver’s License

  • Self-Starter

  • Self-Motivated

  • Outgoing

  • Cattle/Horse Experience

The Details

Length of Internship: 3 months

Stipend: Haythorn Ranch will pay a monthly stipend estimated at $2,100.00/month.

General work hours: The typical work week is 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Hours may vary depending on the season and activities. The regular day off is Sundays with some Saturdays possibly.

Housing and Meals: A fully furnished bunkhouse is provided on the ranch and has a kitchen, wireless internet, and laundry available. Some daily meals will be provided. An intern who enjoys cooking can assist in cooking ranch meals.

Horse: A horse is allowed with prior approval.

Cell Phone Service: Viaero/Verizon cell phone service.

Vehicles: A vehicle or side-by-side will be available for ranch work.

Additional items the intern should bring: Bring any personal items you need. Gear for all weather, sun, and rain protection. Work boots, riding boots, and own horse tack if preferred.

Living at Haythorn Ranch: Ogallala, NE has all the basic amenities including places to eat and drink, grocery stores, small-town shopping, and a hospital. Haythorn Ranch has an Events Center and a Gift Shop. The Haythorns attend several rodeos in the summer and host events weekly at the ranch an intern will have an opportunity to take part in if desired.

Educational Activities: During the internship, the intern will have the opportunity to attend select workshops and ranch tours.  

The Sandhills Ranch Internship Program is currently applications for the 2024 season. Apply Now! Questions can be directed to KyLee Kime or call or text 308-340-2781.
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