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Reese Frank

Haythorn Land & Cattle Co.

Reese, a native of Centennial, Colorado, and a student at Chadron State College, is studying rangeland science and range livestock. Reese is interning at Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. near Arthur this summer.

Reese's decision to complete a Sandhills Ranch Internship is driven by his desire to gain comprehensive knowledge about all aspects of managing a working ranch. He is particularly interested in developing his stockmanship and horsemanship skills and learning how to manage the land effectively without overusing resources. He also looks forward to the opportunity to forge new connections and build lasting friendships.

Reese's passion for the ranching industry is evident. He is eager to gain more knowledge through this internship opportunity, particularly in cow/calf operations and beef production. "I'm most excited to learn more aspects of managing a successful ranch while improving my stockmanship and horsemanship," Reese shares. In his free time, Reese enjoys being outdoors, hunting, and fishing. He also enjoys metalwork and building spurs.

Upon completion of his internship, Reese will return to Chadron State College to complete his degree in Rangeland Science. His ultimate goal is to gain more experience in the field and eventually manage or run his own ranch operation, a testament to his ambition and dedication to the ranching industry.


Check back soon.

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