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Morgan Townshend

Bow & Arrow Ranch

Morgan, a native of Plymouth, Minnesota, brings a unique perspective to her internship at the Bow & Arrow Ranch near Valentine. Her family, a tight-knit group, holds a special place in her heart, and she values the time spent with them. With a rich background in horses, Morgan is eager to broaden her horizons and enhance her skills in all aspects of the industry. She has gained valuable experience in dairy & feeder operations and agronomy.  Morgan is a dedicated student at South Dakota State University, pursuing a degree in Agriculture Science.

Morgan's decision to pursue a Sandhills Ranch Internship was influenced by a friend who ranches in the Sandhills. Intrigued by the beauty of the Nebraska sandhills and eager to gain hands-on experience, she saw this as a perfect opportunity to further her understanding of ranching. She is enthusiastic about acquiring the skills necessary to become a successful rancher in the future.  “In college, I'm learning how to manage a ranch and now I can see these concepts in practice.  I’m really excited to see if ranching is the right fit for me and excited to build connections that will last me a lifetime,” Morgan shared.

“I enjoy working with livestock and would love to have a career centered around that, specifically animal husbandry. Working with livestock has taught me a lot of skills. I have immense respect for livestock producers and appreciate all they do for our country,” Morgan expressed. Her aspiration is to follow in their footsteps, working diligently to enhance the industry and foster a stronger connection between people and agriculture.

With the Sandhills Ranch Internship, Morgan is excited about the prospect of moving cattle on horseback and further honing her horsemanship and cattle handling skills. After the internship, she plans to return to college, where she is on track to graduate a year early. Upon graduation, she envisions herself working on a ranch, gaining more hands-on experience, and continuing to develop her leather tooling business.


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