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Kirstin Cawthra

Brennemann Land & Cattle Co.

Kirstin, a native of Benkelman, Nebraska, is spending her summer as an intern at Brennemann Land & Cattle Co. near Valentine. She is a recent graduate of Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Livestock Industry Management and Agribusiness Management.

Kirstin's roots in the agriculture industry run deep. Her upbringing on her family's ranching and farming operation instilled in her a commitment to hard work and a dedication to doing the job right. As a horsewoman, she constantly hones her horsemanship skills and ensures her horses receive the best care. Her aspiration to be a supportive team player, contributing to the group's objectives, reflects her strong agricultural values.

Kirstin's decision to complete a Sandhills Ranch Internship was driven by her passion for agriculture, nurtured by her life experiences and the guidance of supportive mentors. She believes this internship will bolster her confidence and pave the way for her to make an impact in the industry.

Looking ahead, Kirstin envisions herself building her own cow/calf operation. Her goal is to produce all the required feed and direct market beef from her operation, a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit. She also plans to stay active in the horse industry, training and showing horses. Beyond personal success, she aspires to be a mentor for younger generations interested in agriculture, a reflection of her commitment to the preservation of the cowboy way of life.


Check back soon.

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