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Keaton Wiske

Downing Ranch

Keaton, a student at Kansas State University studying Agronomy, Rangeland Management, and Animal Science, has a rich background in agriculture. He grew up in Medicine Lodge, Kansas, where he was actively involved in 4-H and FFA. His passion for agriculture led him to participate in livestock shows and crop and livestock judging competitions. These experiences have shaped his desire to seize any learning opportunity that comes his way. This summer, he will be interning at Downing Ranch with Tim and Bonnie Downing near Dunning.

Keaton's decision to pursue a Sandhills Ranch Internship is driven by his eagerness to learn and grow. The Sandhills, a place he has always wanted to experience, presents unique challenges in ranching. He sees this internship as a steppingstone to broaden his horizons and develop a more well-rounded skillset in rotational grazing and regenerative agriculture, which he believes will be crucial in the future of agriculture and ranching. "I am very interested in the grazing aspect of animal agriculture, particularly in stockers and regenerative systems. I believe that land and ecosystem health can be significantly improved with these types of systems," he shared. Keaton is excited to experience a different place and ecosystem. He appreciates the opportunity and is eager to learn about the stocker market and its dynamics.

After completing his internship, Keaton will return to Manhattan to complete his studies and earn his Range Management Degree from Kansas State University. He then intends to seek out a new work opportunity, possibly in a different location, for a year. His ultimate goal is to pursue a master’s degree in Western Ranch Management and Environmental Stewardship from Colorado State University, a testament to his ambition and commitment to his career.


Check back soon.

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