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James Ady

Seidler Ranch

Jay, a North Platte, Nebraska native, is currently interning at Seidler Ranch for the summer under the guidance of Roger and Patty Seidler. He is a student at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture, where he is pursuing a degree in Livestock Industry Management. His passion for agriculture was ignited during his high school years, where he actively participated in livestock judging and gained practical experience through his employment. Jay enjoys welding and spending his free time outdoors, engaging in activities such as fishing and hunting.

Jay's decision to embark on the Sandhills Ranch Internship was driven by his desire to broaden his horizons and acquire new skills. His specific interests within the field of agriculture revolve around cattle production and horsemanship. While he is excited to enhance his horsemanship skills, his primary focus is on understanding the management aspects of the entire operation and livestock nutrition. Jay is also keen on further developing his skills in haying and operating equipment. "I thrive when pushed out of my comfort zone, as it allows me to strengthen my abilities and expand my skill set," Jay shared.

Upon the completion of his internship, Jay will be returning to school to complete his studies and graduate. His post-graduation plans are equally ambitious. He plans to continue working in agriculture, exploring new opportunities, and eventually managing his own operation.


Check back soon.

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