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Haileigh Moutray

Bow & Arrow Ranch

Haileigh is from the small town of Stromsburg, Nebraska, and is spending her summer as an intern at Bow & Arrow Ranch near Valentine. Haileigh is a first-generation college student from a large family with a diverse background. She is currently a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying animal science, focusing on pre-veterinary medicine. She plans to apply to the Professional Program of Veterinary Medicine.

Haileigh chose to pursue a Sandhills Ranch Internship to gain insight into the cattle industry within Nebraska and become a more well-rounded individual. She felt this program looked like an excellent opportunity for exposure to ranch management. After speaking with the ranch mentor, Tom Davis, he expressed values she strongly agreed with and knew she wanted to complete her internship at Bow & Arrow Ranch. Not growing up with an agricultural background, Haileigh appreciated the chance to acclimate to understanding ranch management. “I strongly believe this opportunity will give me insight into how ranches run and operate and how producers like to do things. For me, wanting to become a vet is not just working with the animals but with the clients, and understanding their wants and goals is crucial to a successful outcome.” Haileigh said. 

Haileigh’s interest in agriculture developed from her High School FFA program, where the students were responsible for caring for a small Red Angus Cattle herd. Her focus on large animal care flourished after working at a vet clinic and gaining exposure to many environments providing cattle care. She is excited about the experience and stepping out of her comfort zone. 

After completing her internship, Haileigh will return to school in Lincoln for the fall semester and begin working as a veterinary assistant. She enjoys staying busy with student life on campus while continuing to gain exposure to the industry. She will then apply to the PPVM program to continue her education in veterinary medicine.


Check back soon.

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