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Dailyn Zierolf

Plum Thicket Farms

Dailyn, a student at the University of Wyoming, is studying Animal Science with a concentration in range livestock, rangeland management, and watershed ecology. She is from the small town of Basin, Wyoming, and is interning at Plum Thicket Farms near Gordon. Dailyn's interest in agriculture was sparked by participating in 4-H and FFA, where she showed market lambs and competed in events such as Parliamentary Procedures and Veterinary Science.

Dailyn decided to pursue a Sandhills Ranch Internship because she believes it's an excellent opportunity to gain experience. She is eager to learn new skills while also improving her own skills and applying what she's learned in the classroom to better understand those concepts.

"My time in the Sandhills will allow me to become a more well-rounded individual, which will help me be more successful in my career. I will have the knowledge from my schooling and real-life experience that can build on what I have learned and teach me things that can't be taught in the classroom," Dailyn explained.

Dailyn's interest in the agriculture industry was sparked by her experiences showing livestock, which also fueled her desire to explore various avenues within the field. She is particularly drawn to rangeland management, where she is intrigued by the relationship between grazing livestock and the areas they graze. She is also keen on understanding the entire livestock production process, from birth to harvest.

Through this internship, Dailyn is excited to delve into the inner workings of a cow/calf operation that prioritizes soil health and rotational grazing. She believes that this experience will not only enhance her understanding of the industry but also equip her with the practical skills necessary for her future career.

After completing her internship, she plans to return to school while also seeking opportunities to further her experience and skills. Her ultimate goal is to secure a job in a ranch or feed yard with the Forest Service or BLM in their rangeland management department. Additionally, Dailyn is committed to advocating for agriculture, emphasizing its importance and contributions locally and globally.


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