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Caiden Flynn

Dry Cedar Ranch

Caiden, a native of northern Colorado, is dedicating his summer to an internship at Dry Cedar Ranch near Ericson. A graduate of the College of Southern Idaho with a degree in Agriculture, his journey has taken him through Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. His passion for agriculture, nurtured through his involvement in rodeo, has led him to connect with some of the most genuine, caring, and helpful individuals. He aspires to continue fostering such relationships through the internship program.

Caiden decided to complete a Sandhills Ranch Internship to learn more about all facets of beef production and gain knowledge and work experience in ranching. He enjoys the work and community in agriculture, looks forward to the challenges involved, wants to learn, and enjoys seeing new country.

After completing his internship, Caiden is eager to embark on a career in the horse industry. He aims to enhance his skills and gain valuable experience in the field.


Check back soon.

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