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Ben Weinandt

Wellnitz Ranch

Ben, a native of Battle Creek, Nebraska, is spending his summer as an intern at Wellnitz Ranch near Cody. He is a student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, majoring in Animal Science.

Ben decided to pursue an internship at Sandhills Ranch to learn about the cow/calf industry in western Nebraska. While he has gained valuable experience in the feedlot and cow/calf sectors in the northeastern part of the state, he is eager to delve deeper into a Sandhills ranch operation.

Ben is working towards becoming a large animal veterinarian and trusts this internship will allow him to learn more about the livestock industry. "Being able to move to the Sandhills for a summer will allow me to see how working with livestock differs from other parts of Nebraska. I am passionate about the cow/calf industry. I began working on a small farm in Northeast Nebraska during my sophomore year, leading me to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. I enjoy working with cows and calves, but I also enjoy working in the feedlot industry," Ben shared.

Ben is excited about this internship opportunity and eagerly looks forward to learning about ranch management, including crucial tasks such as moving animals to new pastures and early identification of herd sickness. After completing his internship, Ben plans to return to UNL to complete his final semester of undergraduate study and obtain a degree in Animal Science. His next step is to start veterinary school in Fall 2025, with the ultimate goal of becoming a large-animal Veterinarian practicing medicine in rural Nebraska.


Check back soon.

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