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Gordon, NE

About The Ranch


Nielsen Ranch is a family-owned cattle and farming operation that takes pride in raising cattle and maintaining high standards of care for every animal. The ranch has expanded and diversified over the years to include cow/calf, backgrounding, hay production, and feed crop operations.

The Nielsen Ranch was homesteaded in 1884 by Greg Nielsen’s great-grandfather and grandfather who came from Denmark. Traveling by train to Valentine, which was as far as the train went at that time, horses were purchased, and they continued on until homesteading east of Gordon, NE.

The Nielsen Ranch consists of sandhills prairie, sub-irrigated meadows, and crop pivots. The ranch has a rotational grazing system in place, rotating pastures every 2-4 weeks. They continue to build cross fences to allow for more rotational grazing. Meadow hay is put up for livestock feed. Other feeds raised include corn silage, alfalfa, and triticale on pivots depending on the year.

The Nielsen Ranch has developed an A.I. breeding program to enhance desired traits such as fertility, composition, and carcass quality. Functionality is a priority and necessary for minimizing production costs. Greg’s top goal is to be profitable. Profitability ensures the ranch is sustainable and can support those who live and work on the land. Along with raising high-quality beef, Greg’s future goal is to expand their direct-to-consumer beef marketing.

The Nielsen’s being community-minded and wishing to engage youth in agriculture, have donated to the Steers for Students program, which gave local school students processed beef for school lunches. This program also afforded students the educational opportunity to evaluate and grade carcasses locally grown by visiting Husker Meats. With a history in mentoring and training the Nielsen’s are accustomed to sharing their knowledge and way of life.

The Mentors

Greg and Jolee Nielsen
Gabe and Jessica Nielsen

Greg together with his wife of 47 years, Jolee, operate Nielsen Ranch. Greg grew up on the ranch and after graduating High School in Gordon, NE, he attended Colorado State University. He graduated in 1975 with a degree in Agri-Business. Jolee also attended college at Colorado State University, then went on to Chadron State College, and UNL at Kearney to receive her master’s degree. She has been a special education teacher for 17 years. She retired but the demand for teachers drew her back to school. Jolee is very involved in managing the ranch, while also ensuring that things run smoothly.

Greg and Jolee have 3 children, 16 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. They are family-oriented and have them at the heart of all they do. Greg and Jolee value having a relationship with Jesus Christ and gathering on Sundays for Church.

Greg and Jolee’s son, Gabe is the 5th generation to live and work on the ranch. Gabe attended college at WyoTech and became a diesel mechanic. In 2014, Gabe returned to the ranch to work with his parents. Gabe’s wife Jessica works part-time for the newspaper and homeschools their 3 children.

The Intern


An intern will work closely with Greg and/or Gabe on a variety of ranching tasks as their capabilities allow including, but not limited to: cattle work, assisting in aspects of the breeding process such as heat detecting and artificial insemination, checking cows, putting salt out and pasture movements, processing calves, building and maintaining ranch fences, putting up hay, and some farming.

Additional responsibilities as needed and as per request.

Desired Skills

  • Valid Driver's License

  • Reliable

  • Honest

  • Considerate of livestock husbandry.

  • Respectful of ranch equipment and property.

  • Some livestock handling and ranching experience is preferred.

  • Non-smoking/alcohol

The Details

Length of Internship: 3 Months

Stipend: Nielson Ranch will pay a monthly stipend estimated at $2,100.00/month.

General work hours: The typical work week is 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Hours will vary depending on the season and activities. The regular day off is Sunday.

Housing and meals: Shared housing will be provided with Greg and Jolee Nielson. All utilities and housing items will be included. Food and meals will be provided.

Living on the Nielson Ranch: Nielson Ranch is located 5 miles from Gordon, NE.  Gordon has all basic amenities, including places to eat and drink, grocery stores, hotels, a health clinic, a vision clinic, a post office, and gas stations. Community events include the Sheridan County fair and rodeo. Chadron is 50 miles away, home to Chadron State College, and has additional Shopping options.

Educational Activities: The intern will have the opportunity to attend select workshops and participate in various ranch tours.

The Sandhills Ranch Internship Program is currently applications for the 2024 season. Apply Now! Questions can be directed to KyLee Kime or call or text 308-340-2781.
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