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Jeffery Forsen

Apache Ranch

Jeffery, a native of Mullen, Nebraska, is interning at Apache Ranch near Hyannis. He is a student at Chadron State College, studying Rangeland Livestock Management. Jeffery's passion for the ranching industry is deeply rooted. Born and raised in the Sandhills, he spent his childhood helping out on his grandpa's ranching operation and working for nearby operations, providing him with a solid background in cattle and horses.

Jeffery decided to complete a Sandhills Ranch Internship to further his knowledge and experience and to learn more about the management aspect of ranching. "An opportunity to learn from ranchers that have been doing it their whole life would be a new level of insight that is best learned from a mentor," Jeffery expressed. He is eager to improve his horsemanship and gain knowledge in pasture management.

Upon completing his internship, Jeffery will return to Chadron State College to earn his degree in Rangeland Livestock Management. He desires to establish a cow/calf operation to support him and his future family. He also plans to stay active in the horse industry, training horses.


Check back soon.

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